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Streamlight TL-Racker

[…] front door opening. Jumping out of bed, you grab your Remington 870 with the TL-Racker forearm from the closet and […]

Cross-Dominant Eye Shooting

[…] earning the series of NRA Junior Marksman awards using a Remington 514 bolt action rifle. I learned to love that […]

Forgetting To Remember

[…] RCBS, Dupont, Dynamit Nobel, RWS, Daisy, Navy Arms, Savage, Browning, Remington, Marlin, Bishop and Son, Sears (!), Redfield, Mossberg, H&R, […]

Make Mine A ‘Trial’ Nine

[…] with 115-grain bullet, Black Hills 124-grain JHP +P, along with other high-power examples from Remington, Winchester, Federal — on and on.

A Sixgunners 4th Of July

[…] of his Lyman cast 429421 slug pushed to 1,200 FPS, Remington’s soft-lead swaged bullet, with gas check, was going in […]

Shooting Cap-N-Ball Sixguns

[…] replicas I’ve used need balls of 0.45″ or 0.454″, the Remingtons are at their best with the 0.454″ size and […]