Gunnysack: NOVX Ammo


And now for something a little different. NOVX Pentagon ammunition uses a patented two-piece stainless steel case instead of the de facto standard “brass.” Why? Weight is a factor. I weighed an empty case and came up with 32.8 grains. A comparable brass case is about 62. So, we’re talking a weight savings of nearly half. If you’re wondering, that works out to about 1 oz. per 15-round magazine. I did check case volume, too — it’s about the same.

Regardless, the NOVX 115-grain monolithic copper hollow point projectile exits the barrel like a politician searching for a hot mike. From a Staccato C2 (3.75″ barrel), velocity averaged 1,302.6 fps. From 25 yards, multiple five-shot groups averaged 1.81″ from the same pistol.

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