Handgunner Editor Picks: Inline Fabrication UltraMount


I finally jumped on the bandwagon and purchased Inline Fabrication’s multi-mount system for my reloading presses. I’ve tried other swappable mounting systems, but this is the only one I would recommend to a friend. The system consists of a steel mounting plate for your workbench and any number of interlocking steel plates for presses, vices, or just about anything you want to mount. All parts are 3/16 thick steel, laser cut, CNC Formed and powder coated. I can now switch from my single stage press to my progressive in less than a minute, and each one is rock-solid once attached. They offer plates for all popular presses and will even custom make one if they don’t have it in stock. When not in use, everything fits neatly onto a wall-mounted bracket. Also, if you’re OCD like me, they have a slew of press accessories to keep your equipment organized. InlineFabrication.com

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