Northern Precision Adds More Calibers


Here’s a few .375” bullets from Northern Precision. L to R, .375 H&H, .375 JDJ,
both with 260 grain spitzers and .375 Winchester with a 250-grain flat point.

As handloading components continue to be in short supply and high demand, especially amongst less popularly used bullet diameters, Northern Precision has stepped up to the plate yet again.

Owner William “Bill” Noody has added .375” and .400” diameter bullets to his ever-expanding list of swaged jacketed bullets. What’s this mean for the handgunner? We now have a steady supply of bullets for the heavyweight hitters like the .375 JDJ and .375 Winchester, not to mention the classic .375 H&H as well as 10mm, or .38 WCF.

I know everyone doesn’t have a Thompson Center Hand Cannon chambered in these calibers, but I know several shooters who do in carbine format that will welcome these new additions with open arms. Also, lever gun loonies having .375 Winchesters from either Marlin, or Winchester, will appreciate these bullets.

The .38-40’s are loaded with the 200-grain RN and 250-grain FP,
next to the 10mm loads with same slugs.

Custom Jackets

Bill offers his projectiles with either thick, or thin copper jackets, depending on the game you’ll be hunting. Thin jackets are used for thin skinned game like deer, while the heavier jackets are useful for dangerous game where deeper penetration is needed.

He also offers bonded jacketed bullets which prevent core separation. Let him know your needs and he’ll gladly provide you with the proper combination of bullet jacket type along with bullet weight.


Bill has three weights for his .375 caliber jacketed bullets starting at 200-350 in various style bullets for both single shots and bolt action guns.

For testing purposes, I had my TC Contender .375 JDJ with14” Mag-Na-Ported barrel and Marlin lever gun chambered in .375 Winchester. Handloads were assembled on my LEE Classic Turret press using LEE dies for the .375 Winchester and Redding dies for the .375 JDJ. The bullets were accurate, with groups running around an inch at 50 yards for both calibers.

The 10mm bullets are a 200-grain round nose next to a 250-grain flat point.

The .400” Bullets

Bill sent me two different weight bullets in .400” diameter. The first is a 200-grain round-nosed slug and the second is a heavyweight 250-grain bullet. He can make bullets of any weight between 150-275 grains. Just let him know. These bullets are great for the popular 10mm, or .38-40.

Here’s the comparison of a thick or thin jacketed bullet. Northern Precision offers a lot of value for what you’re getting.

A Special Blackhawk

A few years back Ruger did a limited run of dual cylinder Blackhawks in 10mm/.40 S&W. I promptly sent my gun to Tyler Gun Works and had Bobby punch the .40 S&W cylinder to .38-40. He also did his accuracy package; color cased the hammer and trigger while applying the appropriate caliber on the gun’s frame. It’s a sweet shooter for sure!

The heavy 250-grain Northern Precision slugs are perfect for the Blackhawk in either 10mm or .38-40, as heavier loads can be used than in a semi-auto.

The .452” Pinpoint bullets are a muzzleloader hunter’s dream come true.
Loaded with a sabot, they are very accurate in .50 caliber muzzleloaders.

.452” Pinpoint Bullets

Bill offers a specialty bullet of sorts with a .452” caliber pinpoint design. Designed for muzzleloader hunters looking for an aerodynamic long-range bullet, this slug fits the bill. Using a plastic sabot bumps diameter to perfect diameter for those using .50 caliber muzzleloaders. It is accurate, flat shooting and said to scramble a whitetail deer’s lungs upon impact.

For More on Northern Precision

Northern Precision’s website is full of information and talks about all the available options for your desired bullets. Bill’s a one-man shop, so if you call, you’re talking to the owner, designer, shop manager, worker, shipper and customer service rep, all in one fell swoop. He’s a nice guy, knowledgeable and you just may learn a thing or two talking with him. So, if you’re getting frustrated looking for bullets, check out Northern Precision.