Pass the Torch: New Pilgrim Ammunition


From the inventor of Liberty Ammunition, PJ Marx, comes new defensive Pilgrim Ammunition.

Amid an ongoing shortage, one may ask why a new ammunition manufacturer would want to enter the market, but that’s exactly what Pilgrim Ammunition is doing. However, company President PJ Marx is no stranger to the industry, having founded and led Liberty Ammunition from 2005–2017.

After leaving Liberty, Marx — a successful inventor in the fields of music and ballistics — was coaxed back into the business in 2019 to continue where he left off. The result was Pilgrim Ammunition, whose new Torch line of defensive ammunition is now available.

Pilgrim Ammunition Torch will initially be offered in .380 Auto, 9mm +P and .45 ACP +P.

Initially offered as 50-grain .380 Auto and 9mm +P, as well 78-grain .45 ACP +P, Pilgrim Torch was engineered to eliminate threats with one round, delivering maximum force for optimal tissue damage without sacrificing performance against hard barriers or threat of over-penetration. And despite being lightweight, Pilgrim claims velocities range from 1,500–2,000 fps, depending on caliber, with 30–50% less recoil than similar hollow point rounds.

Those familiar with Liberty Ammunition will immediately recognize the visual and performance similarities between their Civil Defense offerings and new Pilgrim Torch. The company claims Marx is “using his designs as they were originally intended” while using top quality components, proprietary formulas and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

Shipped in 20-round boxes, Torch ammunition can be purchased online for $34.95-39.95.

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