80 Percent Arms GST-9 Pistol

A Modular Frame GLOCK

The nation’s largest manufacturer of 80% lowers and frames, 80 Percent Arms, is proud of their innovative history of providing do-it-yourself frames and lowers to industrious firearms owners.

Revolutionizing the market with easy-to-build kits, tools and instructions for legal, ATF-compliant GLOCK pistols, AR-15/AR-10 rifles and PCCs, these firearms do not require transfer through an FFL dealer for purchase or delivery as components are only 80% built.

Modular GLOCK

New this year is the GST-9, the world’s first modular 80% pistol-frame system compatible with GLOCK 19 Gen1–3 components. Also new is the patent-pending modular grip, allowing conversion of the pistol frame from compact to full-size with use of G19 and G17 magazines. A 4-in-1 frame, this modular platform gives you the option of switching between a G19, G19X, G19L (G19 frame with G17 slide) and G17 to best fit your needs.

Other features include improved ergonomics aided by a comfortable contoured grip and undercut trigger guard, eliminating “GLOCK knuckle” and allowing a higher grip on the frame to lower the bore axis and reducing muzzle flip. Combined, these improvements allow the shooter to stay on target for faster and more accurate subsequent shots.

The GST-9 also provides functional improvements over the standard GLOCK platform, including frame rails three times the surface area for a longer slide frame mating surface that offers better repeatability, accuracy and controlled recoil impulse. Nickel-plated to reduce friction between rails and slide, the rails also provide protection from the harshest elements, even after lubricants have burned off.

Why Build, Not Buy?

You may ask yourself, why buy an 80% handgun? It’s simple really — customization and freedom. Not only do you get to finish the frame the way you want, including adding personal touches to the frame, but 80% frames/lowers also do not need to be registered, and no FFL is required, meaning no transfer fees. The 80% frame and necessary jig will simply ship to your door. However, due to recent ATF regulations, the GST-9 frame and the GST-9 jig with toolkit and rails must be purchased separately.

Pre-order now and save 30% on the black or FDE GST-9 frame, regularly priced $119.99, for delivery this spring. The Jig Kit, usually an additional $29.99, is currently on sale for $19.99.

A GST-9 pistol kit, including the frame, grip extension, completed RMR-cut slide, GLOCK OEM parts kit and Lone Wolf AlphaWolf fluted barrel can also be purchased for $799.99.

For more info: www.80percentarms.com , Ph: (949) 354-2767

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