Bad Santa, Wonderful People

We were moved a couple of weeks ago by the story of a youngster whose encounter with a mall Santa went south, and it illustrated just how disgusting the anti-gun mentality has become.

When “Santa” asked this youngster what he wanted for Christmas, the kid replied that he hoped St. Nick would bring him a Nerf gun. The Grinch-hearted fat man immediately responded, “No. No guns.” When the boy’s mother tried to explain it was only a Nerf gun, Santa Scrooge doubled down: “Nope, not even a Nerf Gun.” The child erupted in tears. All of this was caught on video, and it wasn’t long before the episode raced across social media. It made national and international news.

To their credit, folks at Harlem Irving Plaza in Norridge where this incident occurred sprang into action. They contacted the family and sent the real Santa to mend that little broken heart.

The boy’s mother wrote on her Facebook page, “I want to turn this situation into something magical for boys and girls who may be wishing for toys, especially Nerf guns, and won’t be getting them. If you would like to send us a Nerf gun or any other toy, I will give you an address to send them to and we will pass them out to kids that aren’t as fortunate.”

Being born on Christmas allows me to still believe in Santa, and I hope readers do, too.