Are You Registered to Vote at Your Current Address?

Your Time is Running Out

Okay, it’s one month until the national election — probably the most important election in your lifetime. You don’t want to sit on the sidelines watching other people deciding your future, do you?

If you’re not registered to vote at your current address, you need to take care of that immediately! Insider doesn’t want to hear from anybody lamenting the outcome of the races for the White House, Congress, state legislatures and many governors if you didn’t vote.

My longtime pal Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation and chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, was noting in mid-September that, like him or not, Donald Trump has done something almost unimaginable for someone in politics — he’s fulfilled campaign promises. And considering the lawsuits, partisan roadblocks and impeachment efforts that started even before he was inaugurated and the constant haranguing from the establishment media, that’s a monumental accomplishment.

Vote. It’s not just your right; it’s your responsibility. If dead people can vote in Chicago, live people can vote in your neighborhood — and that includes you.

Incidentally, excuses for not voting get no slack. You didn’t really forget. You actually did have a stamp for the mail-in ballot. Your name is already on several lists and the political parties already have your address. Yes, your vote does make a difference. That is, except when you don’t use it.

Handgun owners can mark their names on the inside
surface of grips in case their guns are ever stolen.

Protect Your Guns

Many years ago, I was counseled by more than one mentor to keep a record of the serial numbers of every gun I own, just in case of a burglary or theft.

There’s another slick trick I learned somewhere along the way. Pull the grip panels off of your pistol or revolver and write your name on the inside with indelible ink, such as that found in a felt-tip pen. Do not inscribe your Social Security or Driver’s License number, as they used to advise in an earlier generation, because that could help some jerk steal your identity as he stole your valuable firearm.

You can do the same thing with long guns by pulling the butt plate or recoil pad off the butt and inking your name — or carving it as my dad did with a rifle and shotgun — underneath.

Keep the make, model and serial number of each firearm on a computer flash drive and put that where it won’t get lost. Use a digital camera to photograph each gun and make close-up shots of each serial number and keep those images in the same or a different flash drive.

Even some lawmen suggest mounting trail cams to capture break ins and burglaries.

Got trees around your home? Buy a couple of trail cameras and place them carefully in concealed locations around your house so they can record anyone moving around, front or rear. Check the images every few days and if you see someone who doesn’t belong there, save the image(s) because they might become evidence in an investigation.

I knew a guy who had a short series of steps from one room to an adjacent family room. He created a hatch that pivoted upward from the end of the steps and stored several firearms inside. When the end piece came down, it could be locked in place with a common nail that, to most people, might look like a home improvement project that didn’t quite get finished.

I knew another fellow who hid several valuable hunting rifles inside a wall using the same strategy. This wall was downstairs in his workshop and consisted of a piece of bare plywood with concealed hinges. There was a national forest map pinned to the plywood. The nail also looked like a sloppy mistake.

The guy never lost a firearm.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is pledging to spend $100 million in
Florida to help steer the presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden.
(Source: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, YouTube)

Wanted: Pro-Gun Billionaire

When anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg announced he would spend up to $100 million in an effort to help Joe Biden win the state of Florida in next month’s presidential election, activists were outraged.

The former New York City mayor isn’t the only big bucks elitist throwing around boatloads of cash in an effort to buy the election. He is, however, the most candid about it. After all, others with his wealth are keeping as low a profile as possible about any financial support they’re giving to the gun prohibition effort.

Bloomberg’s promise got the attention of the aforementioned Alan Gottlieb at SAF. The group released a public statement contending Biden has been “bought and paid for” by Bloomberg. But Gottlieb didn’t stop there.

“Considering Biden’s gun control agenda and his promise to pursue a restrictive gun grabbing crusade if he wins in November,” he asserted, “there should be no doubt Joe is a 100-percent certified shill for Bloomberg and his gun prohibition lobbying groups, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action.”

If the Second Amendment community had even one person with Bloomberg’s kind of money, there might be more balance in campaign finance. As it is, nobody can match, much less beat, Bloomberg’s bank account.

If Biden wins the election, Gottlieb vowed SAF would fight in court every gun control law he manages to pass.

A Big ‘Oops!’

An Oregon teen is facing serious charges, and likely a painful recovery, after taking a bullet in the buttocks during an alleged armed robbery attempt in Gresham.

According to Fox News and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, 18-year-old Josiah Johnson is facing charges of first-degree robbery, fourth-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, criminal possession of a forged instrument in the first degree, possession of a controlled substance and menacing. They don’t charge you for “dumb in public” in the Beaver State, however, they do still consider people innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, so we’ll get on with the allegations.

Johnson allegedly grabbed a cab ride in Gresham, for which he provided a cell phone as collateral due to what was reportedly “a long drive.” When the cab got to an intersection in the town of Aloha, which is 25 miles away, Johnson allegedly pulled a gun and aimed it at the cabbie’s head, while yelling something the driver reportedly didn’t understand.

The cab driver seized an opportunity and grabbed the gun. There was a “struggle,” during which the gun went “bang!” That’s when the suspect was hit in the left hip, and the bullet “exited out his left buttocks,” Fox reported.

Neighbors heard the yelling and rushed to the cab driver’s aid. The cabbie threw the gun away. After subduing the suspect, the sheriff’s department was called and deputies quickly arrived. They transported Johnson to a local hospital, he was treated and released into custody, and off he went to the Washington County jail, where he probably preferred to stand.

The sheriff’s department released a mug shot of the teen. For some reason, he wasn’t smiling.

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