My Mossberg MC1sc Project

Behind the Scenes with Michael O. Humphries

I’ve become quite enamored ...

... with the new MC1sc pistol from Mossberg, and have made it my primary pocket carry gun since I picked one up earlier this year.

The pistol has a lot of great attributes, but what really caught my eye was its translucent magazine. Due to this feature, I thought the gun would make a great platform for a 21st century “ASP” pistol (extra points to all of you who catch that reference). I discussed it with my boss, Roy, and he said, “You should contact Jim Toner at Toner Machining Technologies. He does great work and would do a terrific job customizing it.”

Well, a quick call and an enjoyable chat with Jim soon thereafter found me shipping the pistol to him for the special project. When I told him my ASP idea, he jumped on it. In addition to cutting a round-count channel in the grip frame to mate to the clear magazine (on the right side as I’m a southpaw), I asked him to give it the full “Toner Machining” treatment. Basically, customize the pistol as he best saw fit.

When I touched base with him to check on the progress of the pistol, he sent back these images. It looks like the round-count channel is cut and he’s given the frame a nice stippling treatment as well as undercut the triggerguard.

Jim, thanks for the update on the project. I can’t wait to see the final result!

— Michael O. Humphries, Editorial Director