What I Carry

Mossberg’s MC1sc 9mm

I’ll be frank with you ...

… I almost exclusively carry mid- to full-size pistols in an IWB holster rig when I leave the house. Is it a hassle? Is it a lot of extra work? Is it somewhat uncomfortable? Yes, yes and yes. However, to me it’s always been worth the trouble to ensure I have “enough gun” if I need it. Well, this rule changed when I got to test out the new Mossberg MC1sc 9mm pistol and was able to capably engage a steel plate at 50 yards with it. This is a pistol that can shoot and is small enough (barely) for pocket carry. So, I now had a new carry gun in my stable. But how would I carry it, exactly?

Well, a belt-mounted holster was out for me. If I’m going to put one of those on, I am going to carry a bigger gun. No ifs, ands or buts about it. So, that left ankle or pocket carry. While ankle carry has a lot of benefits, it is mostly in a backup gun role. For me, pocket carry (and the convenience of it) was the logical application for the new little Mossberg pistol. So, what would I use?

Blackhawk To The Rescue

At 19 oz. unloaded and measuring 6¼” in overall length, this pistol would be maxing out what we could call a pocket pistol, but I happen to own a large batch of 5.11 Tactical Stryke pants with nice, deep pockets so the Mossberg would squeeze in there. I had heard good things about Blackhawk’s holster line so I checked out the company’s website and discovered the ambidextrous TecGrip Pocket Holster. Based on the sizing descriptions, I selected the #4 variant and put in my order. Priced at $18.95, it’s almost an impulse purchase.

Here is Mike’s current pocket carry rig, made up of the new Mossberg MC1sc 9mm pistol, Blackhawk TecGrip Pocket Holster
and Ammo Armor mag Protectors. It gives him 21 total rounds of 9mm firepower.

The holster is a coyote tan color and has a “tacky” outer surface and the smooth, velvety interior protects the gun, and also easily releases it when drawn upward. The holster features high-density closed-cell foam, allowing it to bend and easily conform to your pocket and body.  For those who like the technical details, it has “thermal-bonded three-layer laminate construction.”

Blackhawk’s ambidextrous TecGrip holster is priced at $18.95 and features a “tacky” outer surface
for locking into your pocket, while the inside is soft and releases the gun easily during a draw.

I popped the holster from the very tasteful and (thankfully) extremely easy-to-open packaging: no awful plastic blister pack that can tear open an artery in your wrist as you try to wrestle the product out. I slipped the Mossberg into the holster and then into my pocket. Now, if you like to run skinny jeans you should stop reading. However, if you wear “tactical pants” with big pockets or even straight cut jeans with generous (and stretchy) pockets, this holster and the Mossberg will work for pocket carry. Would a tiny .380 be easier? Yes, but it would not be a 9mm I can hit a smallish steel plate at 50 yards with either, would it?

Armor My Ammo?

The Mossberg packs 6+1 rounds on board with the flush-fitting mag. More than a 5-shot snubby, but still less than I like to have on me. I had the spare extended 7-rounder mag that came with the gun and picked up an extra, so how would I carry them? I have recently been playing with the Ammo Armor mag protectors and discovered they are great for carrying a spare mag in a pocket. They are also not expensive at $9.95 apiece. These made-in-the-USA polymer mag sleeves snugly fit the mags but release reasonably fast. I figured out I could pull a mag in an Ammo Armor from my pocket and tuck it under my strong-arm against my body to peel the mag loose. Squeezing it inside your strong-arm elbow joint is another option.

Ammo Armor Mag Protectors are great pocket carry systems for spare mags. They insert easily
and protect your magazines from dents, damage and debris inside your pocket. Note the cool translucent Mossberg magazine.

While Ammo Armors offerings are extremely broad, the Mossberg was simply too new and not covered yet. I took a gamble and tried the one designed for the GLOCK 43 9mm mag as it seemed pretty close in dimensions to the Mossberg mag and ordered two. I was happy to learn upon their arrival the clear polymer Mossberg mags would fit but got a bit snug when fully seated. My solution was simply not to insert them the last ½” which seemed to work well. Now, I had a means to drop one or two mags into my other pocket and not worry about them getting banged up or unnecessarily dirty. I know there are mag carriers you can clip to a pocket edge, but I like how these disappear down inside my pocket.


With this setup, I have the means to pack the 6+1 Mossberg and two spare 7-rounder mags in my front pockets and carry it all very discreetly. The weight adds up, but I think it’s worth it as I now have a system where I have a capable “pocket” gun with 21 rounds of 9mm ammo at the ready. I’ll be honest with you, I feel pretty darn protected with this setup. Wouldn’t you?

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