Black Collar Arms Pork Sword Pistol

A bolt-action pistol to squeal over

As a cop, you quickly learn if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck! Conversely as a gun writer, if looks like a rifle and shoots like a rifle, sometimes it’s a pistol.

There’s no need to be confused. Let me tell you about a sizzling new “pistol” from Black Collar Arms.

Pork Sword Pistol

Neither a rifle, long gun nor short-barreled rifle, the Pork Sword Pistol is classified as a pistol. It transfers as a manual-action handgun, so make sure you’re well-versed in your state’s laws pertaining to such guns, magazine capacity restrictions, approved firearm rosters and any other draconian regulations made to deny you the ability to own such a cool gun before purchasing. We don’t want anyone getting in trouble here.

The base Pork Sword Pistol is built on the billet aluminum Pork Sword Chassis with Remington 700 factory action, Remington X-Mark Pro Trigger, recoil lug, barrel of choice and thread protector. The Pork is served up in .308 Winchester and .300 BLK, as well as custom chamberings — just email for a price quote.

Cooked By You

Using a website configurator, pick and choose the features of your custom-built pistol and Black Collar Arms will assemble it, or for the more mechanically inclined, have the parts sent to you to assemble at home. Actions will ship through a provided FFL.

The configurator is fast and easy to use starting with barrel choice, including length. The next step is the FARend, a lightweight forearm with M-LOK slots and is just low enough to clear any 1.75″ suppressor or other muzzle device. Finishes are plentiful, with eight choices. Custom work is available for extra, and the chassis and FARend are finished to match. Laser engravings are also available to truly personalize the chassis.

Trimming The Fat

The brace is what makes this “pistol” so versatile, with a choice of an SB Tactical FS1913 or KAK Shockwave, or the option to go brace-less. Triggers include the factory option trigger and several aftermarket upgrades including the ELF 700 and TriggerTech Primary.

The Pork Sword chassis accepts any AR-15 grip, including seven popular options from Magpul and ERGO, or your own. Magazines can also be laser engraved for a nominal amount. Add a Magpul bipod or forward grip to the FARend for great looks and comfort without adding significant weight.

For those looking to reach out yonder on the range or in the field, add an optic and optics mount so the pistol is ready to shoot when your package arrives.

Bring Home The Bacon

Depending how well-cooked you wish your pistol to be, MSRP starts at $899.99. If you’re in need of a packable bolt-action pistol that shoots like a rifle — or an actual rifle — check out the Black Collar Arms Pork Sword Pistol!

For more info:, Phone: (512) 428-5749

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