Blinded By Fear

children can be dangerous — if they’re puppets with adults pulling the strings

After decades of left-wing attacks on our right to arms — which we’ve largely beaten back because they’re bogus, harmful and advance the demise of the American Way — some grownups have decided to use children to accomplish their nefarious goals. It’s disgusting and disgraceful. This isn’t stopping them.

Following the Parkland high school mass murders — what mass media likes to call “shootings,” to help denounce shooting, which is a fine American pursuit — a handful of misguided children have taken up the cause of disarming innocent people. They truly think this will stop their murderous sociopathic classmates.

No, it doesn’t make sense, but hey, they’re children, they know not what they do. This is valuable to adults determined to deny us our rights. These adults are nefarious and disgraceful, but I repeat myself.

Misguided Efforts

These children, filled with legitimate fear, angst and emotion, bursting with self-righteous fire like we all had when we were young, are on the march and determined to damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead. They’ve moved past logic, reason and rationale, and are single-mindedly focused on a mantra: “Take the guns away!” Recognizing this, power-hungry anti-gun-rights forces jumped in and are backing them. They had been waiting for just this moment. They were so well prepared it stunned us.

Hiding from spotlights themselves, with massive funding from Hollywood, anti-gun billionaire-zealots like Michael Bloomberg and his Astroturf groups, they staged rallies nationwide. Community organizers flew people in, bussed people around and obtained blocks of hotel rooms — often “donated” ­— quickly obtained permits, erected stages and installed sound systems. They prepared and distributed clever signs. Some so-called “kids” rallies were up to 90 percent adults, a point the “news” media literally lied about, promoting the narrative of innocence. Unseen hands and dark money — concealed.

The media has lavished saturation coverage on the kids; made theirs a cause célèbre; made it look spontaneous, though it was anything but. It looked to the uninformed world like the tide was turning. To us in the awake space, it’s the same old same old — ban popular guns and demand more background checks after two decades of those false flags.

Distorted Reality

Democrat-controlled urban centers suffer 6,000 murders annually with virtually no murder trials. More checks, really? Turndowns at checkpoints are insufficient to dispatch police or run prosecutions. Did you know that? Is the public aware after criminals are found by checks they’re just sent away, with their money? Do these kids know what they’re demanding? Anderson, Wolf, Lemon, Rachel … are you listening? Mail this to them — they didn’t get the memo.

Perhaps the most egregious element of this new children-led campaign is reversing historical reality. Like magic, a 20-state, 75-city summer tour sprang into existence, with Parkland kids on a bus — fed, clothed, housed, cared for and paid for by an invisible hand. There was also a book written in no time by one of the kids and his sister, both “survivors,” published by none other than Random House. The title, Never Again! is literally stolen from its association with the Nazi Holocaust.

This battle cry for those systematically slaughtered in the worst genocide in human history is a desperate call to arms so it can never happen again. It’s being used by the secret backers of this scheme and the children they are using to take guns away from the public and turn them in to the government! This is the exact opposite of what Never Again! means.

Seeing Through It

It’s what progressives and socialists do. They take reality and turn it upside down to achieve their ends. Lie to the people long enough and loud enough and lies become truth. You should summarily reject this attack on your rights, sensibilities and people perpetrating it. Parkland children don’t understand what’s going on. Do they know “Never Again!” means “don’t disarm us”?

It gets worse, if possible. Google has somehow been compromised so if you search for Never Again, you get the kids’ march, their book about taking guns away, and news about their bus tour — for pages and pages. There’s literally nothing on page after page about the Nazi genocide, the six million the so-called “master race” decided it should eliminate after they were disarmed.

The kids think they’re for peace, taking away the very things guaranteeing it. Yes, the kids are dangerous, and no one told them.

Alan Korwin, a national columnist, award-winning author of 14 books and veteran of more than 1,000 radio and TV interviews, has been writing as a journalism ombudsman since 2006. He can be reached at</a

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