Build Yer’ Own Custom
Buck Knife


My pap and uncles all carried Buck knives since the early ’70s, at least as far as I noticed such things. As farmers, they used them for every imaginable chore requiring cutting, prying, driving or removing screws, or gutting. A single year’s worth of “farmer/rancher carry” is the equivalent of most people’s use in a lifetime. Yet these knives stood up to the use and abuse dished out to them. My mom gave me a Buck 112 when I graduated from the police academy 35 years ago — one reason why Buck knives hold a special place in my heart.

Build Your Custom Buck Knife

Today, Buck Knives offers a service where you have the opportunity to build the custom Buck knife of your dreams. It’s as simple as clicking on the computer screen. Let’s get started.

Plug in on your computer address bar.
When the Buck Knives website opens up, click on the “Build a custom knife” bar.

Now you have a choice of 10 different knives you can choose from for your
base knife. In this case we’re going with the classic 110 folder.

Your first choice for your custom knife is blade style. There are several choices,
so choose wisely for what kind of chores you have in

Now “click” on the handle material. Your choices are several types of exotic woods,
elk horn and water buffalo horn. Do you want rivets exposed, or hidden? Let Buck know.

What kind of sheath or pouch do you want for your knife? Will you carry it on your belt,
or simply keep it in a nice display pouch? Choose what you want!

“More Options” is next. Do you want custom engraving? You have two lines to dedicate,
name or personalize your knife or blade, bolster, or both. Do you want script or block letters? Your choice.

Tank’s finished Buck folder.

Samantha’s finished Buck fixed-blade knife.

Buck Knives states delivery times usually run 4–6 weeks for a personally customized knife built to your specs from their list of choices. Buck knives come with a lifetime factory warranty and they’re willing to work with you for broken, chipped, or just tired blades needing a sprucing up. They know how knife people get attached to their blades and the sentimentality that goes with a trusty knife.

If you’re looking for a one of a kind knife for yourself, or someone special, check out Buck Knives custom-build knives.

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