A Common Thread

Like most things in life, the shoulder holster takes a bit more than a casual glance to understand and eventually live with successfully. A hip rig is pretty much bullet-proof as far as use goes. Using at least a decent belt is important — no, the thin canvas belt didn’t work, did it? — and eventually most of us stumble our way through and learn to live with the thing.

But what is it about shoulder rigs seeming to bewilder so many? First off, they’ve got bits and parts and swivels and snaps and buckles and elastic and “Chicago Screws” (whatever those are) and it all looks much more at home on James Bond than on us. When you first put one on, you can’t move your arms forward, can’t bend over at the waist without the gun slapping you on the side of your head, and the holster gets caught in the sleeve of your jacket when you don it. What would Ms. Moneypenny have said?

Like hitting a target with a handgun or negotiating whether your three-year-old will eat his peas — learning to manage a shoulder holster takes experience and training. Alas, we often don’t bother with any of that and just assume we’ll automatically know what to do. Cue a knowing shake of Ms. Moneypenny’s head.