Pocket Power

The pants are engineered with not only draw function, but concealment in mind. Each interior front pocket (no righty-lefty bias here) has internal Velcro attachment areas and straps allowing you to define the shape and depth of the pocket. The lateral strap also allows you to shift the position of the gun side to side. Depending on the size and shape of your handgun, you can arrange the pocket to place your firearm lower down the leg, more towards the center, or however you most like it positioned. There are pouches for optional thin plastic shields which break up any remaining outline of your handgun managing to get past the layers of heavy internal pocket fabric. Optional SkinTight holsters provide extra trigger protection if you like.

There’s another functional benefit to these potent pants. The design allows you to “prepare” to draw with no visible commitment on your part. Ease your hand into your gun pocket, get a grip and you’re ready to go. No one will be the wiser. If you don’t have to use your gun, great! No harm, no foul.