CrossBreed Holsters Bedside Backup

Ideal for Travel

The idea is simple. Two plastic sheets linked together, one covered in Velcro. It’s ability to collapse into two flat pieces is its strongest point, ideal for travel and easy storage.

The CrossBreed Holsters Bedside Backup provides a simple way to keep a firearm within easy reach at night. It is not a child safety device, but its simplicity is ideal for motel traveling. The main support slips between the mattress and box springs while a modular holster attaches via hook and loop fasteners. The unit comes with one holster of your choice but additional holsters are available and quick to change. Hook and loop fastenings allow you to position the holster at your preferred position for easy access.

In my experimentation, the bedside backup doesn’t work well with bedframes with drawers, but the idea is great when paired with a bed frame and box spring even with one another, as most hotels have.

Some time ago I stayed with friends and in an Airbnb in Tennessee. I struggled to find a place for my concealed carry firearm at night, resigning to placing it next to my bed in one location and across the room in another as it was the only place available. In either case, it was not easy to grab or utilize in case of emergency. If I had had the Bedside Backup at the time, my problems would have been mitigated.