CrossBreed’s Chest Rig Holster …

Because I Dig A Chest Rig!

When lumbering around the wilderness, no other holster setup is as convenient and efficient as a good chest rig while carrying jumbo-sized pistols and revolvers. A good chest rig distributes the weight of the big gun across a larger surface area than any belt holster. Being strapped closer to the body’s torso, there’s less pull than from a belt holster. Plus, you don’t run the risk of having your pants pulled down constantly doing the “hitch your britches” two-step while traipsing through the woods.

Chest Rig Relief

CrossBreed Holsters proudly states “failure is not an option on the trail, but comfort is” with their new chest rig. The heart of the rig is a breathable, perforated suede backer that supports the weight of any firearm. Leather loops, attached by steel hardware, anchor the wide, comfortable adjustable straps to the suede backer at three points.

Eight steel screws, with spacers, hold the gun-specific molded Kydex pocket to the backer for uncanny strength and stability. With your gun securely strapped to your chest, your hands are free for such activities as climbing, or carrying other essential gear, yet you’re just a quick reach from your shooter. Simply adjusting the screws allows you to choose the tension you want for drawing your gun.

Comfortable/Convenient Design

The CrossBreed Chest Rig is a comfortable and convenient design. You’ll never notice you’re wearing the rig when it’s securely strapped to your torso. The slightly stretchy straps act as a “shock absorber” to stop any “tugging” while making the weight of your gun appear lighter. A quick detach plastic/steel buckle allows for fast mounting and removal of the rig.

While carrying my S&W 29-2, I barely notice I have the rig on — the way it should be — when packing a pistol.

Risk Free Lifetime Warranty

As with all handcrafted CrossBreed Holsters, they stand behind their product with their legendary LIFETIME WARRANTY and TRY IT FREE, TWO-WEEK GUARANTEE. How can you beat that? You can’t, and it shows you how confident CrossBreed Holsters is with their products.

The Chest Rig has an MSRP of $149.95 but is currently on sale for $112.46.

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