Customize Your 1911 with Modular TALON Grips


The new TALON Grips Modular 1911 Grip System allows shooters to customize their 1911's complete grip.

For more than 100 years, the 1911 pistol has been a favorite of hunters, competitors, target shooters and handgunners alike. However, unlike their polymer-frame cousins, all-metal 1911s tends to be more difficult, and costly, to customize.

When it comes to hand fit, 1911s allow for easy changing of grip panels, with shooters having endless options of materials, colors and textures to choose from. But grip panels only address the sides of the handgun, not the front and rear. And while most modern 1911 pistols have some form of checkering machined into the front and backstraps, these factory offerings can either be too aggressive or not aggressive enough. Gunsmithing to add texturing can also be expensive.

Enter TALON Grips, whose textured stick-on grips allow shooters to improve their hold on handguns, rifles and shotguns without permanently altering their firearms. Previously, the company had only offered a frontstrap grip for 1911s but has since announced a new Modular Grip System giving shooters the option to customize the grip of their favorite two-time World War winner.

Shooters can independently select different textures for their front, rear, left and right grip panels.

Fit for full-size pistols, the 1911 Modular Grip System offers the same easy-install, improved performance of TALON’s other grips with the added benefit of modularity and personalization.

Adding rear, left and right grip panels to their pre-existing frontstrap, shooters can now independently select from three grip textures — rubber, granulate and PRO — and two colors — black and moss — for each panel. The result is a custom grip for any shooter’s preference.

Want all rubber panels? You can do that! Or perhaps rubber front and rearstraps with granulate-textured sides? You can do that too! Of course, it’s important to note left and right panels are designed to cover existing grip panels, so shooters should select grips they don’t mind covering. They can always be removed, too.

TALON Grips recommends your firearm be properly unloaded and field stripped before installing grips. Grips may also need to be trimmed depending on handgun model and existing surface texturing.

Purchased individually, each grip panel is priced at $4.99 — or about $20 for all four.

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