And Speaking of Guns

Insider has had a “thing” for the vintage Colt “Storekeeper” model — a western-style single-action based on the legendary Single Action Army, but with an interesting design variation.

The Storekeeper, which was also called the “Sheriff’s Model, had a short barrel (3.5” or 4”) with no ejector rod or housing. This required some tool to tap out empty cases, but it was a very concealable handgun in .45 Colt.

Several days ago, Heritage Manufacturing announced a new version of this old favorite, but in .22 LR. Alas, since there was no Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show this month — cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic — Insider didn’t get to wrap his sweaty little paws around one. (Jeff “Tank” Hoover did, however. You can read his review on