EAA Corp. Releases New
Girsan MC 14T

No Slide Racking Required

When I saw the announcement from EAA Corp. about the release of the all-new Girsan MC 14T chambered in .380 ACP, I immediately sent the link to my dad. A disabled military veteran, arthritis and neuropathic pain sometimes make it difficult for him to shoot. Thanks to its tip-up design, which means no slide racking is required, the Girsan MC 14T is an ideal carry option for those like him who may have difficulties using a standard pistol.



Compact and with minimal moving parts, loading, firing and unloading the MC 14T is simple and quick — just tip up the barrel, load your cartridge and close. Once loaded, you can still insert a full magazine for 13+1 capacity. It has an overall length of 6.8 inches with a 4.5-inch all-steel barrel and weighs 22.4 ounces.

There’s an external safety lever on both sides of the rear of the frame, which can be engaged when the hammer is down or used to carry the pistol with the hammer cocked and the safety engaged. An internal automatic firing pin block safety ensures the MC 14T will only fire when the trigger has been fully engaged, meaning it can be safely carried with the hammer down on a loaded chamber, with the first round fired after a double-action trigger pull.



I’m looking forward to a dad-daughter range date to give this one a try and will be sure to report back.

The Girsan MC 14T is slated to start shipping in April 2023 and is priced starting at $498 MSRP. For more information, visit eaacorp.com.

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