Infante S6 Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

Clean Pistols, Revolvers, Silencers and More!

Throw everything in!

I don’t typically gush over gear, but I absolutely love the Infante Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Over the short time I’ve had the unit, it’s seen dozens of uses from both my own firearms and parts and items my dad has found around the house and begged me to toss in.

The first experiment was my Ruger SR22. The chamber was visibly gummed up with debris and lube from the ammunition. I had put off cleaning it, though I had wiped the frame with Clorox a few times after letting others use it.

The S6 unit is designed for handguns, firearm parts and silencers. It comes with two baskets with lids, one for cleaning and one for lubrication. Each basket measures 11″Lx5″Wx5″ deep.  This size accommodates most pistols and revolvers up to 6″.

The first step was to fill the cleaning basin with a mixture of the included Sonic Tonic and water. Carry handles along the sides of the unit make it easy to carry though a pitcher also works well for filling it. The cord arrives detached from the unit for easy storage. Dials on the front indicate time and heat. It takes approximately 20 minutes for the solution to reach the desired temperature. I field stripped my Ruger SR22 and set the pieces in the basket I marked “cleaner” with duct tape. I then slipped the basket into the solution and turned the timer to five minutes. I watched in amazement as lines and waves cut the surface of the liquid, accompanied by a buzzing sound. This buzzing was enough to let you know the unit was working, but not enough to annoy.

I didn’t want to put the lid on, instead choosing to watch as small bubbles collected along the pieces of metal and plastic. Upon completion of the five minutes, I propped the basket above the solution to let the liquid drain and rinsed each part with water. I followed this by blowing out the remaining water with an air compressor.

I was amazed. The chamber was clean, the frame spotless. It appeared brand new and never fired. The next step in the process was the lubrication. A separate pan sits on top of the cleaning tank. The bottom needs to be at least a quarter inch in the solution to transfer the vibrations. This lube pan holds a gallon of the included Sonic Lube and a separate basket to be used in the same way as the cleaning basket. This time I set the timer for three minutes. The non-toxic Sonic Tonic and Sonic Lube did not bother my hands nor have any negative smell, ideal for cleaning in the basement, especially during the winter months. In fact, I liked the feel of the lubricant on my hands after I propped up the lubricant basket and began collecting the parts. This time I didn’t rinse the pieces with water, but I did blow them off with the air compressor to remove excess lube.



Infante makes it clear the lubrication process does not replace all other recommended lubricants, but I found I didn’t need anything additional for the Ruger. (I did add oil to the AR bolt carrier groups I later tossed in.)

Each ounce of the cleaning concentrate cleans approximately 3-4 guns, so the 9 ounces plus water in the S6 yields enough for between 27 and 36 guns. You just need to add water to the solution as it evaporates. If the solution gets dirty incredibly quickly, Infante recommends letting the solution sit for a few days so that the floating particles rest on the tank bottom. Running the solution through a 1-to-50 micron bag filter into a container and washing out the sludge extends the life of the solution.

So far, the Infante isn’t stopping and I haven’t had to do anything but add water. It’s seen several bolt carrier groups, several handguns, multiple tools, a Leatherman, and misc. items we’ve found in our basement.