Infante makes it clear the lubrication process does not replace all other recommended lubricants, but I found I didn’t need anything additional for the Ruger. (I did add oil to the AR bolt carrier groups I later tossed in.)

Each ounce of the cleaning concentrate cleans approximately 3-4 guns, so the 9 ounces plus water in the S6 yields enough for between 27 and 36 guns. You just need to add water to the solution as it evaporates. If the solution gets dirty incredibly quickly, Infante recommends letting the solution sit for a few days so that the floating particles rest on the tank bottom. Running the solution through a 1-to-50 micron bag filter into a container and washing out the sludge extends the life of the solution.

So far, the Infante isn’t stopping and I haven’t had to do anything but add water. It’s seen several bolt carrier groups, several handguns, multiple tools, a Leatherman, and misc. items we’ve found in our basement.