S&W Performance Center
M&P .380 EZ 2.0

Bling, Bang And Black

When S&W released their M&P .380 Shield EZ, it caused a lot of head scratching. Why a mid’ish-sized .380? The question was answered after a host of gun writers shot the .380 EZ (our own Roy and Mike included: https://americanhandgunner.com/handguns/sw-mp-380-shield-ez/

It is easy to operate and shoot well, hence the name EZ. Gun shops now had the perfect first gun to recommend for those lacking experience with firearms or those who have trouble cycling the slide of many autopistols.

EZ On The Eye, Too!

The Performance Center at Smith & Wesson has been busy building something special for those who like the finer things life has to offer. Life’s too short to carry an ugly gun, so why do it? Through the marvels of modern manufacturing techniques, the Performance Center took the M&P .380 Shield EZ 2.0 (with ported barrel) and added some refinements to spruce up this perfect packin’ pistol by offering three different versions of it.

Silver & Gold … Matte Black

By taking the features of the full-size M&P and condensing them into a slim, lightweight package the size of your hand, the EZ 2.0 is easier and more comfortable to carry concealed. Add the optional gold or silver tone to the barrel, trigger and aluminum grip safety, and we’re talking style with performance never seen before from S&W. If “bling” isn’t your thing, subdued black is also available as the third option for this band of brothers.

It’s In The Details

Custom features, combined with ease of operation, provide a reliable platform professionals or novices alike will appreciate and benefit from. The ported barrel reduces muzzle flip, while the lightening cuts in the slide stylishly reduce weight. The ported barrel is titanium coated and finished in gold, silver or matte black, depending on your preference.

The easy-to-rack slide is great for either small, or arthritic hands, while the Performance Center action job provides a crisp, light trigger with tactile and audible trigger reset.
The flat aluminum trigger is both serrated and skeletonized, providing better leverage and lessening felt trigger pull. Hi-Viz Litewave H3 Tritium/Litepipe Sights are included to facilitate fast target acquisition in low/no light conditions. The tactile loaded chamber indicator provides both visual and tactile chamber status for safety.

The Picatinny-style rail allows for easy mounting of any accessory light/laser, and two eight-round stainless steel magazines and a Performance Center Branded Cleaning Kit are included. The kit features a collapsible cleaning rod with rotating T-handle, cleaning patches, nylon cleaning brush, three bronze bore brushes/jags and nylon slotted tips.

MSRP is $502 for all of this plus Smith & Wesson’s Lifetime Service Policy.
For more info: www.smith-wesson.com, Ph: (800) 331-0852