But Wait, There’s More

That slide really is easy to run and it surprises me every time. There’s also a loaded chamber indicator you can feel as well as see. The grip texture is like a Shield’s but seems more modest in texture. I really like it, and it felt like very fine, slightly worn sandpaper.

The magazine release is reversible, but not ambi, so you can put it on the side you favor. Disassembly is easy too, and you don’t need to pull the trigger to get it started. Lock the slide back, rotate the take-down lever and the slide/barrel comes right off forward. Easy. Or is that EZ?

There’s the normal light rail, and I found mine fits all sorts of lights I had on-hand, so it won’t be an issue finding one fitting your budget easily. I actually recommended S&W offer a sort of “Home Defense Kit” to include a simple light. We’ll see.

The stainless slide and 3.67″ barrel are coated with something S&W calls Armornite — a “keep it from getting rusty” coating. Between that and the polymer frame, there’s no need to worry about the daily grind of concealed carry here. Toward this end, my sample gun weighs 18.2 oz. on my postal scale, with an empty magazine inserted. It’s light but not so feathery you can’t feel it in your hand. It’d be very easy to carry every day, and is a great nightstand gun for home defense for we “average” mortals with some time under our belts.