Nexbelt x Safariland
L930 Nylon EDC Belt


A lot of folks shop for holsters with very little regard for the belt they’ll attach it to, despite the belt being an equally important part of one’s everyday carry setup. If you’re one of them, here’s a carry option you may want to consider.

The new L930 Nylon EDC Belt is the result of a collaboration between Nexbelt and The Safariland Group.

The 1.5″ wide nylon belt is manufactured with high-density nylon of an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester for extra stiffness and durability. Designed for the firearm industry, it can also be used for any field that requires attaching tactical and technical equipment and tools to your belt.

The L930 Nylon EDC Belt features Nexbelt’s unique ratcheting system called PreciseFit that allows the wearer to adjust his or her belt in 1/4-inch increments instead of the normal 1-inch adjustment that a traditional belt with a pin/buckle system allows. The buckle allows for one-handed, on-the-fly belt adjustments, which are especially useful when putting on or removing an IWB holster. A water-repellent liner stops sweat from seeping and staining the surface of the belt.

Available in one size, the L930 Nylon EDC Belt fits those with up to a 50″ waist. Excess can simply be cut off prior to installing the buckle.

Price: $68

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