Norma MHP Ammunition - Most Expandable?


The folks at Norma have been busy in the secret ammo lab. I’ve always admired their rifle and rimfire offerings, but haven’t followed developments in the handgun area as closely.

A new for 2020 self-defense load is the MHP — Monolithic Hollow Point.

The MHP projectile is a solid copper design that’s light for caliber. The 9mm bullet tips the scales at 108 grains. As you might expect, it moves somewhat faster than comparable loads, even without a +P pressure rating. I clocked it at an average of 1,146 fps from a Taurus G3 with a 4″ barrel. The more pleasant surprise was the light recoil sensation. Less weight translates to less jump and muzzle flip and it’s a noticeable difference.

The raison d’etre for the MHP is concealed carry and home defense. The bullet is designed and internally scored to expand more than any other typical hollow-point design. Unlike loads optimized for law enforcement use, there’s less of a need to balance expansion and penetration performance through tough barriers like steel and auto glass, so the company built this one to optimize expansion and penetration for organic targets with soft barriers.

The MHP’s are distinctive in appearance. Note the blackened nickel case treatment for corrosion resistance and slick operation and the silver-colored projectiles. Even the case packaging screams performance — the 20 rounds per box are packed in a styrofoam base angled forward like they’re ready to go.

For more info: Norma Ammunition.

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