Woox Thunderbird Throwing Axe


While you can use the Woox Thunderbird Throwing Axe for general “axe activity” like chopping and carving, as the name implies, it’s optimized for flight. The handle is smooth to allow a predictable and hang-up-free release. There’s no discernible palm knob at the base of the handle. On a utility axe, you’ll almost always have some handle mass (palm, swell or end knob) designed to prevent your hand from sliding off the end of the handle. For throwing, you want the Thunderbird to slide right through your fingers as you release each toss — hence no palm knob.

The 14″ Appalachian Hickory handle has the grain running perfectly along its length, giving you maximum strength for repeated impacts against sturdy targets, stumps, or whatever target du jour you choose. It’s finished in a nice, smooth black and splinter-free paint or stain of some sort. Got me what it is, but it feels great in hand.

The head is lighter-than-normal (compared to a utility axe) for improved accuracy throw after throw. It’s about a pound and a half, so it’s perfectly manageable for one or two-handed throwing technique. The Thunderbirds arrive sharp enough for general use, even though sticking throwing axes in wooden targets doesn’t require a razor-sharp honed edge.

So, how do they throw? I gave them a workout using three different techniques. Being an axe-throwing novice, I spent a few minutes online learning the basics of the overhead two-hand throw, overhead one-handed throw, and one-handed underhand toss. Do that last one beside your body, not between your legs, so you won’t look like a dork. This was time well spent as I learned some tricks, like the single rotation between release and stick objective. Never fear; you’ll get the hang of it quickly enough — it’s pretty addictive. If your target is a bit hard, just spray a little water on the target surface to soften the wood for better sticks. Judicious use of a spray bottle will make you look more like a pro.

These are designed for fun, evidenced in part by availability in four different colors: purple, black, orange and blue. You can also get yours engraved with text and a logo of your choice. But if you want to take your axe throwing career to the next level, the Thunderbirds are certified for use in all the National and International competition requirements as defined by the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) and International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF.)

For more info, visit WooxStore.com.