Gunnysack: Lyman Accusight


For sale: All of my old proprietary sight pusher tools.

You may be familiar with the older generation of sight adjusters, installers, and removers. Each one fits just one type of slide — GLOCK, S&W, Springfield Armory — whatever. With price tags in the three-figure range, these weren’t viable options for recreational and competition shooters. Who needs a drawer full of custom tools, one for each pistol brand?

Enter the Lyman Accusight. This clever tool is designed as a one-model fits a billion solutions. The solid aluminum body supports a series of horizontal and vertical threaded clamps that lock most any slide into place. Each side of the unit has two threaded clamps to secure the slide against the force of the sight pusher. Two additional clamps on top adjust for slide height. A dual-purpose top support fits flat-top and rounded slides. Once your slide is locked in place, you can begin adjusting, removing, or installing sights without fear of butchering the finish on your slide or your sights. To be sure, it’s always a good idea to apply some painters or masking tape on contact surfaces before starting work.

The pusher unit uses a large handle which drives a finely threaded piston, applying constant lateral pressure to your front or rear sight. The Accusight comes with two pusher inserts to handle straight-walled and angled sight types. There’s even a scale with 1/32″ increments so you can make calculated adjustments. If needed, the pusher crank handle slides off, exposing an Allen post — put a wrench on this to handle extra tight sights.

I didn’t appreciate one of the biggest benefits of the Accusight until I had to make final point of impact adjustments: It’s easy to take to the range. In the past, I’ve lugged a vise, punches, and yes, a hammer, to the range to tweak rear sight position. Now, just drop the Accusight and a vial of red Loctite in the shooting bag and off you go. It’ll run you about $129.95.

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