A Waste Of Time?

However, after all these years I decided — why bother? After spending too many years slugging barrels I decided it was a waste of my time. I finally came to realize, after some careful thought, I was missing what Elmer Keith barely touched on. Namely, cylinder throat diameter. Keith was only concerned the throats were not smaller than the barrel diameter. Just like Elmer (and Duke, in his March/April 2012 article) I carefully measured to find barrel diameters, but now I find myself on the verge of sixgun heresy by disagreeing with not only my good friend Mike — but also the Old Master himself.

Mike and I both have decades of experience shooting sixguns, leverguns, black powder arms, and single-shot rifles. I would guess I shade him when it comes to sixguns, while he leaves me in the dust with single-shot rifles. We are good friends, we learn from each other, but we certainly don’t always agree with each other.