Leather Works Too

Another favorite chest rig is Mike Barranti’s Northwest Hunter. This bandoleer style holster is designed for large revolvers, with or without a scope. His Northwest Hunter is a top choice for many handgun hunters. From experience carrying a scoped, Freedom Arms Model 83 .44 Mag., this holster is ideal for packing a large handgun over extended periods. The holster can be easily adjusted for wearing over a coat. If it sounds like I’m fond of Barranti’s Northwest Hunter — well, I have another one coming for a Ruger Bisley Hunter in .41 Mag.

Wes Daems, the hide-stretcher behind 7X Leather, provides a most comfortable chest rig. Wes makes his chest holster designed for anyone wanting to carry large handguns in the outdoors. The 7X Leather rig can also be worn with a backpack. I’ve been carrying several scoped revolvers in my chest holster and it’s never caused any discomfort. This rugged, well-designed holster comes with a 6-round cartridge slide, earplug case and leather maintenance cream. Wes makes his rigs for most Rugers, S&W’s, 1911’s and Freedom Arms revolvers.