Galco Gun Leather makes a premium shoulder holster dubbed “Kodiak Hunter.” This well-made chest-style holster is designed for revolvers, with or without scopes. The cross-draw carry rig is comfortably padded with an adjustable shoulder strap. The retention strap can easily be released with a glove-friendly release tab. The quality holster comes with shoulder and torso straps. Regardless of revolver style, the Kodiak Hunter makes a comfortable carry holster.

Simply Rugged makes a mighty fine chest rig offering a lot of versatility. Rob’s Chesty Puller suspension system is designed to accept one of their pancake holsters. This is a set of straps suspending the holster on your chest. These straps connect through the belt slots on the holster. I’ve used this system with 1911’s and scoped revolvers on many hunting excursions. Simply Rugged has definitely incorporated a unique method for carrying large handguns at an affordable price.