Mousegun Tempations

Many new to concealed carry tend to obsess with concealability. We think everyone is watching us. We worry the gun will print through the covering garment or become exposed in some other way.

There’s nothing wrong with being careful as long as we don’t develop habits of constantly adjusting clothes, fidgeting, or patting the gun to ensure it’s still there. Those are giveaways in the unlikely event someone really is watching you. The reality is most people are barely aware you’re alive, even on the rare occasions they stop staring at their phones.

Obsessiveness with concealment is one reason so many feel they need small guns like tiny .25 ACP semi-autos. Tiny pistols are both shy on power and very difficult to shoot well, even for seasoned handgunners. For the novice, they are about the worst possible choice.

Another factor in small-gun appeal is an attitude I’ve noticed in novice gun owners, to consider the handgun as some sort of magic talisman, like a St. Christopher’s medal or a lucky rabbit’s foot. There seems to be a belief just having a gun, any gun, is enough to ward off danger.

In fairness, there is an element of truth to such belief. No one wants to get shot. Most people have enough sense to realize being shot, even with a .25 ACP is still a serious thing. Statistically, simply displaying a firearm is often enough to cause an assailant to either surrender or flee. Just don’t count on this.