John Taffin's Book Of The .44 Caliber

Get it...Read it...Enjoy it!

John Taffin has written many books on handguns, covering their history, development, carrying, field use, handgun hunting, custom guns and much, much more. For more than 60 years, John has devoted his life to “all-things” guns, with a special love for big bores of all shapes and sizes. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John first as a friend, when we were both writers in the industry, then later, as his editor at American Handgunner Magazine.

Over the almost 20 years I worked closely with John, I remained impressed with the sheer volume of knowledge he had about guns. I don’t think I ever stumped him with a question, and every time I edited one of his articles I always came away with a deeper knowledge about whatever topic John wrote on. He always dug up the complete story on the guns, bullets, holsters and gear he covered and told that story in his own readable, friendly way.

His latest book on the .44 caliber follows his very successful Book of the .45 Caliber. In this latest, John takes us on a journey covering how today’s guns of all sorts came to be. Whether you’re simply a lover of all-things .44, a student of history, a handloader or simply learning so you can make a future purchase, John Taffin’s Book Of The .44 Caliber will give you days of great reading and just plain fun. Chock-full of full color photos of virtually everything .44 — long guns and handguns — prepare yourself for the most comprehensive book on the topic!

Available for purchase here.