Personal Sharpshooters

In the early days of silent films a small group of sharpshooters were employed to work in western movies where they carefully fired .22 ammunition mainly at specially selected rocks around the cowboy actors to simulate a real gunfight.

The big stars of the day had their own sharpshooters with whom they carefully rehearsed their scenes. For example the hero or other actor would come up and fire a blank, and then quickly duck behind an angled rock so his sharpshooter could fire one or two rounds of .22 rimfire against the rock, making dust and leaving a mark. Dobe’s famous father, Harry Carey, Sr. was “The” biggest Hollywood cowboy star in the early days of motion pictures and his personal sharpshooter was a man called Ed “Pardner” Jones. Little is known about “Pardner” Jones’ past, except his real name was Ed Garrett, a cousin of Pat Garrett’s. Ed killed a man in Texas around 1890 and fled to California, where he changed his name to Jones.