Kershaw’s Launch
13 Auto Knife


Knife nuts are very edgy, constantly searching for the holy grail of sharpened steel — as if it actually exists. Yesterday’s cool knife is old news today. Sound familiar? You bet your shaved forearm it does. The desire for owning the ultimate blade pushes knife manufacturers to be creative with their designs, raising standards to unheard of levels, launching something new and different. All to satiate customer’s base wants, needs, and … lusts.

Kershaw hit a home run with their Launch 13 auto knife. Imagine a slim, stylishly sculpted knife with lightweight, anodized scales releasing its spring assisted fury with the push of a low-profile button? Quicker than the blink of an eye, a CPM 154 steel (known for sharpness and edge holding abilities) Wharncliffe-style blade magically appears! “Where’d that come from?”

A blade so sharp, the few remaining hairs on your arm quiver in fear. Yet the trapezoidal design provides a utility style point, perfect for any chore, from opening letters and boxes, to removing a splinter. The blade responds to your every whim with a sexy one-thumbed push of the button for any cutting chore, and we mean any.

Serrated thumb rest grooves provide added control for serious slicing, dicing, or filleting. Another push of the button allows the solid blade lock-up to return to its resting place, folded within the scales, until called to duty again. The black, deep-carry utility clip is reversible for either lefties, or righties (blade tip up) for surreptitious carry.

This folding auto knife design may have what it takes to keep the most cynical of knife aficionado’s attention for quite some time. I know I’ve been enamored since unboxing it. Paired with your favorite shooter, you’re prepared for any precarious situation you’re likely to face or imagine. Other features include an integrated lanyard hole, two-tone blade, and custom triangular pivot.

The Kershaw Launch 13 automatic knife will provide years of rock-steady performance with the agility of a scalpel and convenience of a folding auto opener. The blade is 3.575″ long and 0.925″ at widest point. It’s made in the USA and is only sold through Kershaw authorized dealers.

Your toughest knife nut will be sure to crack a smile this Holiday season with the Launch 13. MSRP is $189.99.

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