Are They Ready?

I’m not going to suggest at what age a child is ready to shoot. I will say, it’s up to you to ensure the child has fun and is enthusiastic. No child will remain interested very long if the firearm is too big and heavy, or has too much recoil (which for most children means any recoil).

This is a handgun magazine, and there is no more dedicated handgunner than I am, but I like to see a child (actually any new shooter) learn safety and competency with long guns before shooting handguns. Short guns are so easy to inadvertently point in an unsafe direction. I feel better when muzzle control is an unconscious skill before taking up handgun shooting.

I don’t need to tell you this but will anyway: ear and eye protection is mandatory when shooting or observing firearms being shot. It’s a good idea to keep a few sets of soft earplugs and safety glasses in your range gear.