Lipsey’s Ruger Blued SP101 3"

Perfectly Sized Kit Gun

Lipsey’s, a large Ruger distributor, is proud to announce the release of their blued SP101 half-lug 3″ revolver, making this 5-shot .357 Magnum the perfect barrel length for a concealable revolver with just enough sight radius for accurate, deliberate shooting.

Slightly longer than last year’s exclusive, which featured a 2.25″ full-lug barrel for pocket carry, the new 3″ gun will surely be in high demand among anglers, hunters and all outdoorsman alike with its improved features.

Loaded with either .357 Magnum or .38 Special personal defense loads, the 3″ SP101 packs enough wallop to ensure a favorable ending to any confrontation, while bird-shot cartridges for pests adds versatility to this well-balanced shooter.

Seeing Blue

Last year’s blued SP101 was a first for Ruger. If you ask me, blued revolvers just look right. They take us back to the days when men wore felt fedoras and revolvers were king.

The wraparound grip is made from soft, recoil-absorbing rubber with walnut laminate inserts leaving no exposed steel, which provides both good looks and comfort for shooting even the heaviest of loads. The good looks continue with its nostalgic brass bead front sight and adjustable rear sight, as well as silver trigger and hammer.

The triple-locking cylinder locks from front, rear and bottom, ensuring positive alignment and reliable lock-up for accurate shooting shot after shot, while the transfer-bar safety ensures there’s no chance of accidental discharge until the trigger is pulled. The revolver is also easy to take down for cleaning and maintenance without tools.

Made of alloy steel, the 3″ SP101 measures 8″ long and weighs a perfectly balanced 27 oz., making it a great candidate for primary carry, or even as a secondary “backup” option. Made Ruger tough, you’ll be relaxed and full of confidence carrying this strong, reliable wheelgun wherever your adventures take you. MSRP is $719.

DeSantis Service

The holster seen accompanying the Lipsey’s exclusive 3″ Ruger SP101 is a DeSantis Thumb-Break Scabbard model. A custom order request can be made for it to be trimmed down for the 3″ barrel, which DeSantis offers for a nominal fee. Of course, it fits perfectly.

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