Field stripping the Mossberg MC2sc is a nifty process requiring no press of a trigger. In a nutshell, the procedure removes the striker assembly completely, allowing easy cleaning of an area prone to collecting excess oil and goo. That’s a good thing, as generally the striker and spring channel should be fairly dry. If exposing all that is part of the regular slide and barrel removal process, you’ll have a nice and clean striker by default.

To disassemble the MC2sc, drop the magazine, ensure the chamber is clear, and lock the slide open. Now press directly inward on the slide cover plate while pulling down at the same time. It’s a tight fit, but when successful, the plate will slide right out, exposing the striker assembly channel. Now just depress the slide lock lever and allow the slide to ease forward. The striker assembly will come right out the back, channel liner, spring and striker together. The pistol is not in an impossible-to-fire condition, as there is no firing pin present after field stripping. At this point, the slide will come right off the front of the frame and you can pop out the recoil spring and barrel for cleaning.

It’s a clever design and what’s not to like about being able to completely avoid a trigger press to field strip the pistol?