Putting The "Options" In Carry Options


The Techna Clip installs easily on many autos and S&W J-Frame revolvers. IWB carry
using some gun models would be fine, as well as boot-top and other spots you can dream up!

We get flooded with products here, and frankly, some make us scratch our heads and wonder what were they thinking? Those don’t make the cut and you won’t see them here. That’s a hint, by the way. But, some are unique answers to real world problems we gun carriers often have. It pays to think outside the box at times — or at least right at the edge of the box.

GrovTec was founded by industry veteran Bob Grover who put many years in at Michaels of Oregon. He eventually founded GrovTec using equipment purchased from Michaels and now has a long line of shooting accessories. His Multi-Fit Holster is just that, a simple way to have one rig fit multiple guns. The Size 98 (shown) handles small to medium autos, while the Size 99 fits most medium to large autos. At less than $20 it’s an easy way to carry a gun on the trail, while plinking or at the range. I’d personally recommend something more rugged and secure for concealed carry guns, but this answers the needs for casual use.

GrovTec’s Multi-Fit belt holster offers dozens of fits with one holster. That’s a
Ruger LCPII in the smaller version.

The Techna Clip is minimalist taken to the extreme. Simply affix it to your gun (a wide cross-section of fits are available) and you have a sort of “built-on” clip (like a knife with a pocket clip) you can then clip onto a waistband, boot-top, pocket or some other place you can dream up. At about $30, it won’t break the bank and just might put an end to the quest you’ve been having for a carry method. I’d use caution using it on IWB carry for some gun models and I’d tend to use it on those with external safeties, DA autos or revolvers. But that’s just my opinion.

Stealth Universal also does a multi-fit holster in a few sizes. The small (showing the clip side here),
subcompact (not shown) and large fit about any handgun you can imagine. That’s a .44 Mag. Desert Eagle
in the holster, and it also fits the Charter Arms Pit Bull .45 ACP shown too — and about everything in between!

More Versatility

The Stealth Universal line-up includes just a few models but that’s because each one fits a zillion guns. The “large” fits everything from most larger .380’s, 1911’s, 9mm plastic autos, most K- and N-Frame revolver sizes and even a .50/.44 Desert Eagle. On a lark I put a new Charter Arms .45 ACP Pit Bull revolver in it and it fit just fine. They have a “Micro” size (think: Ruger LCP .380), sub-compact size and an ankle rig. They’re made for IWB carry, but the two clips are heavy-duty and I don’t see why they couldn’t clip on the outside and on car doors, tractor tool boxes and such too. You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black, brown or pink. They’re about $50.

Pistol Wear’s PT-1 (top, with Tussey Custom 9mm 1911 on it) can fit many guns and the
Mini Trump Card (with a Detective Special hiding inside) are worn around the waist, under a shirt.
The Mini can also double as a sort of shoulder holster using the included straps. Great for joggers
or just someone who wants a comfy rig.

Pistol Wear

If you think of a soft and comfy fanny pack but made to wear under your shirt, you’ll get the idea. They are sort of like the old Belly Band idea (which I could never get used to personally), but ride more on your waist. All of the models are padded excellently and are hand washable, which is handy since you’ll be sweating on ’em at times. Ladies, you might be “dewy” now and again too. The Mini Trump Card (no relation to the president) can be worn tight under an arm like a shoulder rig under your shirt, or around the waist. I favored the waist carry and found it just the thing for a Kimber Solo or my Ruger LCPII under a heavy T-shirt.

Pistol Wear’s PT-1 is designed differently but is still for waist carry (a runner would love this) and it can carry a biggish gun (full-sized autos to snubbies) while PT-2 handles smaller guns. All are very well made and run from about $45 to close to $50 depending on the model.

For more info:
GrovTec, Ph: (503) 557-4689

Techna Clip, Ph: (801) 216-4790

Pistolwear, Ph: (918) 364-5617

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