Taurus Tracker 627

The most affordable option we looked at was the Taurus Tracker 627. Measuring 8.75” overall, the 7-shot medium frame revolver features a ported 4" barrel to assist in recoil management. While the gun was to be primarily for the gentleman, he also mentioned his wife would shoot it, and combined with the ability to shoot .38 Special loads, the porting would certainly make shooting the revolver a more enjoyable experience.

After nearly a half-hour volleying the possibilities, the gentleman said thanks, gathered his hat and headed out — no revolver in hand. No sale was made, but we had had a productive conversation and he left with more knowledge of the revolver market, as well as a clearer view of what he was looking for in a gun.

As a gun salesman, I've learned not every interaction has to end in a transaction. Sometimes, that's just not my purpose.

What revolver would you have recommended to the gentleman? Shoot me an email at [email protected].