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When you’ve got the fever like I do, the search for new gear is never-ending. You know what I’m talking about. We’re obsessed with updating accoutrements for our firearms, so here’s a few new items I’ve stumbled across to spruce up your own guns, including sights, slings and holsters.

Shooting accurately with a handgun is more complex than most people think. We know how hard it can be, but to non-shooters, they’ve no clue. After all, if you can’t see your front sight, you’ve got problems. A keen focus on the front sight, combined with a proper trigger press, is the key to shooting accurately.

But obtaining a picture-perfect sight picture can be difficult as everyone’s eyes are different. It has to do with the rods and cones in our eyes, and like fingerprints, they’re all different. Some people like red front sights while others find yellow to be the perfect contrast for lining up shots.

Fermin C Garza

Fermin C. Garza, the front sight guru of the handgun world, now offers a custom milled brass front sight. Besides looking great and creating a beautiful contrast for either stainless steel or blued guns, it also provides a wonderful sight picture. The aggressive rear facing teeth eat up any glare, giving the shooter a sharp — and I mean sharp — image to work with.

Fermin makes his brass sight for the Ruger single-six/seven, as well as Magnum Research BFR revolvers. These sights simply screw on, so swapping-out is easy. Fermin offers custom width and heights, all for the bargain price of $89.

For more info:, Ph. (361) 960-3697

Magnolia Precision

Glenn Swaggart of Magnolia Precision is the Henry Ford of front sights. Milled from stainless steel or carbon steel, you can have any color, just so long as its Cerakoted black. The contrast of the sculpted base with the black blade looks great.

Glenn makes screw-on sights for the Ruger single-six/seven series, available in different heights and thicknesses, as well as two different style blades. Price is $75 for the sight shown above, but they’re on sale now for $61.

For more info:

Simply Rugged

I know, this is American Handgunner, but who doesn’t love lever-action rifles? Especially when they’re chambered in pistol calibers.

What do you do when you inherit your grandpap’s old lever gun and you want to sling it, but there’s no sling swivels? Surely, you won’t drill the 100-plus-year-old relic for sling swivels, so what do you do?

You call Rob Leahy of Simply Rugged and order the Bear Mount, a sling that attaches to your rifle without hardware. Now you’ll be able to sling that lever gun, shotgun or muzzleloader in style as you hike over hill and dale in comfort and convenience.

For more info:, Ph. (928) 227-0432

Barranti Leather

“Doc” Barranti has more holster designs churning in his brain than anyone I know — and that’s good for us. One of his latest holster releases is called the Carry Confidence CCR. Designed with a perfect balance of concealment, security and speed of presentation in mind, the CCR is a minimalist holster.

Doc trimmed away any leather not serving a purpose on his pattern, providing a sleek and functional holster with traditional-style good looks. A unique wedged belt-loop pulls the front and rear of your gun tightly to your torso, preventing short barreled guns from rolling out over your belt. An adjustable screw provides positive retention for your gun providing a further custom fit.

Looking at the CCR, you might wonder if your gun will fit, but it will, and like the proverbial glove! I was amazed how the CCR gobbled up my custom 3-inch Ruger GP100 for a snug and secure fit. This rig is comfortable and perfect for marathon carry sessions.

The CCR is available as part of Barranti Leather’s Direct Line with typical delivery running 1-3 weeks. Stamping or floral carving is available, but usually takes a tad longer for delivery. Prices start at $145.

For more info:, Ph. (412) 860-4804

Gear Gamut

So, there you have it! A gamut of great gear to spruce up, assist and carry your favorite firearms. I hope these products help you as much as they’ve helped me with my guns. Check them out, you’ve got nothing to lose — and you just may find something that tickles your fancy!

If there’s something you like, shoot an email addressed to Tank at [email protected] and tell us about it!

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