DIY Perfection

Back in the late ’80s I didn’t have much money. Still don’t, nothing’s changed since then, only there was even less of it. So, I did the next best thing and decided to do the work myself, figuring it would be a great learning experience, while making my gun shoot better, hopefully ...

I read about opening the cylinder throats by using a hand drill, split rod and emery cloth. I won’t go into detail, but with these simple tools, I did it and it worked beautifully. Groups tightened substantially, tuning the Bisley into a very accurate shooter.

The base pin was simple enough to fix. I order an oversized base pin from Belt Mountain. The locking screw secures the pin, stopping the “jump” while removing any cylinder wobble with its oversized diameter.

I also change out the trigger spring with a Wolff reduced spring, substantially lowering the trigger pull. I also polish the main spring strut, which smoothed things out when cocking the hammer.

Lastly, I replace the Ruger rear sight with a much nicer Bowen target rear sight. It improves sight picture substantially. I shot my first one-hole, ragged group at 25 yards so many years ago with that gun. The load was a 330-grain LBT LFNGC, loaded over 22 grains of H110 and CCI 350 magnum pistol primer, proving DIY can work. I’ve done several other guns the same way, all gaining accuracy.