The Funhouse

One of the most enjoyable and memorable facets of any trip to Gunsite is training to clear the funhouse. Having previously experienced it with handguns, carbines and shotguns, this was the first time I ever experienced it with a team-mate. The instruction was done with each team using inert blue guns. The add-ed pressure of not sweeping your partner with the muzzle and knowing which direction to turn when going through a doorway, combined with focusing solely on your area of responsibility versus the entire space, added an element of stress to the exercise I hadn’t felt during previous classes. There’s nothing intui-tive about the coordinated effort required to effectively clear a space with a partner. It requires practice and communication.

For my wife and I the pinnacle event of the class was participating in four “force on force” scenarios utilizing simunitions. Two of the scenarios were con-ducted inside one of the Gunsite funhouses and the other two were outdoor scenarios. It was impressed upon us if we responded correctly and used good communications, there would be no need to fire our guns. What kind of a shoot-ing school teaches you to not shoot?