The CrossBreed Liberty Band

The Next Best Thing to Being Naked

The Crossbreed Liberty Band is the minimalist concealed carry solution designed for active folk.

Most times, simpler really is better. The new CrossBreed Liberty Band is a minimalist solution to packing a gun in the real world. Embodying the expected rarefied design and superlative execution we’ve come to expect of CrossBreed products, the Liberty Band accepts most any inside the waistband (IWB) holster that sports 1.5-inch belt clips.

People are innately bad. Anyone who disagrees has clearly never been a cop, served in an urban emergency room, or met a typical four-year-old. In the face of such pervasive darkness, we nonetheless enjoy firearms freedom on a scale beyond that of any other society in human history. While that observation is adequate to precipitate the screaming habdabs in the less durable members of society, I personally bask in it. CrossBreed has built a thriving business out of providing the gear we need to remain safe and secure from society’s many resplendent ills.

The Crossbreed Liberty Band is perfectly suited to high-capacity micro
compacts like this superlative Springfield Armory RDP.

The Problem

If the gremlins would simply text me half an hour before they planned to visit mischief upon my person, I would be bedecked in body armor and packing a legit assault rifle along with enough ammo to successfully prosecute a modest Caribbean junta. Lamentably, that’s not how the real world works. Criminals are bottom-feeding opportunists — scavengers whose business model orbits around striking from unexpected quarters. As a result, most armed conflict is a come-as-you-are affair.

It really all comes down to personal comfort. If packing a proper gun is uncomfortable, we just won’t do it. If you doubt that assertion, try sitting on a 1911 Government Model on a two-hour car trip and see how your rosy disposition fares. The argument could be made that how you pack a gun is actually more important than the particulars of the gun itself. The latest, greatest close-quarters defensive handgun is frankly ballast if it is too miserable to tote.

Your favorite IWB holster snaps in place over the logo.

Fashion Commentary

Have you noticed the startling developments in fashion trends of late? Of course you have. Anyone who is not legally blind appreciates that clothing in America gets tighter and skimpier with each passing year. Today, it is yoga pants. Tomorrow’s coeds will likely be rocking workout togs crafted solely from dental floss. However, as clothing evolves, concealed carry solutions evolve as well.

I live in the American Deep South. Come summertime, the humidity is such that you can tear off a chunk of air and gnaw it. My daily wardrobe is shorts and a t-shirt simply because wandering about in a loincloth and a pair of Oakleys would, at least for now, constitute a prosecutable public disturbance. Under such circumstances as these, the traditional heavy belt might not be practical. That’s why CrossBreed designed the Liberty Band.


It couldn’t be much simpler. The Liberty Band is comprised of a mystical melding of nylon and rubber that doesn’t pinch or scratch like a conventional belt might. The band is widely adjustable to accommodate most any habitus. The stuff that touches your skin is soft, while the reinforced top bit is designed to support your favorite IWB holster.

The Liberty Band is designed to be worn a bit higher than a conventional belt. You’ve likely noticed that Americans come in an unprecedented variety of shapes, sizes, and genders these days. Just arrange the Liberty Band in that sweet spot above your waist and butt and snug it in place. Your holster goes over the part with the logo, and the tail of the band affixes over the top via generous hook and loop pads. This rig is optimized for workout clothes.

One of the neatest aspects of this design is that it will accommodate any conceivable carry position. Strong-side hip, appendix carry, small of the back, or crossdraw, just get things set up in the morning and you’re ready to rock. I even tried the Liberty Band packing my Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP amidships atop my belly button. This orientation is surprisingly comfortable, easily accessible, and readily concealed. The fact that it rides a bit higher than a traditional belt also helps keep the gun clear of buttons on your pants that might otherwise chafe.

The Liberty Band comes in four different sizes based on your waist measurements. It is also available in either black or nude. Nude looks like tan to me, but I guess a certain statistically significant percentage of their target audience must be either teenage boys or supermodels.

Packing your piece over your belly button is a surprisingly comfortable
option with the Crossbreed Liberty Band. A compression shirt like this one
also prevents chafing and lets you feel like the Man of Steel. Those killer abs
are printed on — I don’t have to do sit-ups or anything.

The Crossbreed Liberty Band lends itself to a variety of carry configurations.


I packed my Hellcat RDP underneath my surgical scrubs at work using the Liberty Band and found it to be quite comfortable. Particularly when worn atop a compression shirt there was no chafing or binding at all. Once it starts to get a little ripe just strip your holster off, secure the Velcro, and drop the band in the washer alongside your jammies and boxers.

The CrossBreed Liberty Band is a minimalist solution to the thorny problem of comfortable everyday carry with workout duds or similarly skimpy threads. A conventional belt rig is indeed a bit sturdier if your pants sport belt loops. However, so long as you’re not trying to pack a howitzer underneath your clothes, the Liberty Band is a delightfully effective way to stay prickly without suffering for your art. With an MSRP of $34.95, it is also a great deal. Soft, strong, clever, and cool, the CrossBreed Liberty Band is the Information Age way to carry a gun.

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