Tickling Yer’ Ruger Single-Action Revolver Trigger


Single-action (SA) revolvers are renowned for their strength, simplicity and durability. What’s easier than cocking the hammer and pressing the trigger of your SA revolver? In my opinion, it’s the safest gun in the woods.

Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to lighten your trigger pull and smooth up your action with a little elbow grease and a spring kit from Wolff Springs.

No matter how fumble-thumbed you are, you can do this easy trigger tickle — and you’ll love the results. Your gun will feel more like “yours” after working on it. Honest! Here are the simple, easy steps to lightening your Ruger SA revolver trigger pull in a casual, table-top discussion.

Check and re-check your gun is unloaded. Now remove the grip panels.

Eight Simple Steps

1: After checking and re-checking your gun is unloaded, take off your grip panels. This exposes your hammer strut and spring and trigger spring.

This is the trigger spring retaining pin. Simply push this pin out to remove the trigger spring.

2: Here’s the trigger spring retaining pin. Simply drift this pin out so you can remove the trigger spring. Unhook the trigger spring legs from their posts. Now use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull the trigger spring out.

Cock the hammer and place a small Allen wrench in the hammer strut hole. This allows
you to remove the hammer strut/spring from the gun.

3: Cock the hammer and place a slave pin in the bottom hole of the hammer strut. I use a small Allen wrench for this purpose. Pull the trigger to release the hammer. The Allen wrench (slave pin) keeps the hammer spring from releasing. Now you can remove the hammer strut and spring as one unit. It may take some finagling, but it will come out. This is why I like using the Allen wrench. It makes it easier to twist the hammer strut out.

A pair of needle-nose pliers makes removing the trigger spring easier.

4: Now remove the Allen wrench to release the hammer spring and hammer spring seat. Keep your hand over the spring seat to keep it from flying off while under tension of the hammer spring.

Here’s the hammer strut/spring removed.

5: Now you can polish the hammer strut to smooth the “cocking” of the hammer, as the hammer spring compresses. When it’s nice and shiny and free of cast marks, you’re ready to replace the factory hammer strut spring with the Wolff spring.

After removing the Allen wrench, the spring and spring seat can be removed.
Be careful of flying parts when removing the Allen wrench.

6: I’ve found the easiest way of replacing the spring is using a bench block with holes in it. Place the hammer strut in the smallest hole possible and place the Wolff spring in place. Use a pair of pliers to grip the spring and compress it. Place the spring seat in place and use your Allen wrench to pin the hole.

Polishing the hammer strut with 220-grit sandpaper will make cocking your thumb-buster extra smooth!

7: Now we can replace the trigger spring with the 30-oz. Wolf spring. Insert the spring, making sure the coil holes line up with the pinholes. When everything is aligned, place the trigger spring pin in place.

Tank has found this the easiest way to re-assemble the hammer strut/spring/spring
seat by using a bench block and pliers. Simply compress the Wolff spring and place
the Allen wrench in the strut hole.

8: Now work the hammer strut into place, making sure the strut is seated in place. Cock the hammer and remove the Allen wrench. Screw your grip panels back on and you’re finished. Wasn’t that easy?

Here’s your Wolff springs in place. We’re almost done.

Put your grip panels back on and you’re done. With the 30-oz. trigger spring,
Tank’s trigger pull dropped to 1lb. 6 oz. A 40-oz. trigger spring brought it up
to 2lbs. 4oz. if you want a heavier pull.

My trigger pull went from 3 lbs. 5 oz. to 1lb. 6 oz. by doing this. The hammer cocks much smoother and has the classic feel of a fine-tuned sixgun. Try the Wolff Ruger Single-Action spring kit. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is and the results you’ll have by doing it yourself.

Wolff Gunspring stock #17116 includes a 30-oz. trigger spring and 17-lb. Hammer Spring.

For more info: GunSprings.com

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