Old Dog Training

To my department’s credit, we had a week-long transitional training class with the new holsters. Being level III meant there were three steps to unholstering your gun. The first was depressing a locking mechanism, second was rocking back your gun, while lastly, twisting your gun to release it.

See why I was tentative? Holy hell … We practiced drawing and shooting from these new holsters over 10,000 times. Every time I strapped on, or took off my Sam Brown belt, I’d draw my gun 10 times, to reinforce this new movement, until it became secondary. It took a couple years before I felt totally comfortable drawing from that holster, without repeating “press, rock back, twist” in my mind. Once proficiency is obtained, drawing from the level III is as fast as any other holster — with practice!

While running scenarios during yearly in-service training, with adrenalin pumping, you’d still see some of the older dogs trying to clear their guns by rocking them forward, struggling to draw their gun. Under stress, we all react to our training! They obviously didn’t practice, rehearse and take training seriously enough.