Smart Key Biometric

Called the Smart Key Biometric, the new device is a premium accessory for VAULTEK smart safes. Compatible with the company’s Slider Series, VT Series, MX Series and RS Series, the Smart Key Biometric acts an extension of a safe to allow for instant access of a firearm with a simple touch.

Similar to the company’s pushbutton Smart Key Nano, the Smart Key Biometric relies on a biometric fingerprint scanner to quickly unlock a safe. This not only increases the security of a safe, but it also eliminates accidental unlock — something the company warned about with the previous design.

Like the Nano, the Smart Key Biometric is not much larger than a half dollar in diameter and it can easily be attached to any solid surface using the 3M adhesive pad (included) to keep it hidden out of sight. It also comes with a mount so it can be removed and repositioned — perfect for under a desk, counter or coffee table.