“I am tired of all the hate mail,” he began, “I am tired of people showing up at our factories, I’m tired of reading the misinformation out on the Internet right now about us not trying to service the demand that we’re experiencing. It gets really old when I hear and read constantly that our ammunition companies are not making ammunition or have it in secret warehouses (or) we are selling to only specific customers.”

His suggestion: Do the math. At the time the video was produced, there were an estimated 7 million new gun owners over the previous nine months. Conservatively estimated they each bought two boxes of ammunition, it adds up to 700 million new rounds of ammunition. The four companies under his umbrella have added hundreds of new employees to meet the demand, but that’s a lot of training and production.

And all of this has unfolded in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s the perfect storm. Things will improve if people just relax a bit.

“We’re making all the ammunition that we can,” he assured. “We are doing our damnedest to meet this demand.”