Why Do You Support Background Checks?

Questions They Haven’t Had To Answer

The left is not in an all-out war against the Second Amendment,” say the people on the left who are in an all-out war against the right to keep and bear arms. “We’re not trying to take away all the guns. We understand you think this way, but it’s based upon a deception.”

No, it’s not. Just read what retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens was granted space in The New York Times to say “Repeal the Second Amendment.” Did democrats and the Left attack him for this? No, they cheered.

Socialists, politely called the Left, are seeking to coalesce power into government hands. It’s what socialists have done since The Communist Manifesto was published. And they lie. They want all the guns. It’s the bottom line of the current debate, taken to its plain conclusion. Now they’ve got kids doing their bidding.

This is precisely why the Second Amendment ensures Americans are armed — to resist this. Unfortunately, Americans have become so wealthy and comfortable the “cold-dead-fingers” motto has become just a slogan. The NRA needs to wise up to this. So do you.

The Left is unconscionably promoting children who have taken up the cause in complete ignorance of facts. The kids’ fears are real, all right. Their desire for a solution to mass murdering psychos is real enough. Everyone shares their desire for a solution. Their emotions are enormously real, and motivational and contagious. The Left is banking on this.

What is not real are the facts, logic and reasoning the kids are using, adopted in whole cloth from their puppeteers.

Misguided Solutions

The same tired old rhetoric, proven false time and again, the Left has been spouting for decades ever since the feckless Brady Bill appeared is reappearing in new forms. You remember, right? Blood in the streets from carry permits! Invisible guns! Armed pilots taking down their own planes!

Sit down for it: Teachers will shoot themselves, and students, and drop their guns — which will go off! Forget them in bathrooms for kids to find and shoot each other because they know nothing! Cops will shoot matronly old armed teachers because they can’t distinguish them from armed psychotic kids with guns!

The abject stupidity of the arguments — and grade schoolers as ambassadors of rational policy — is plainly evident by questions the media has avoided asking and answers the children and their adult instigators can’t answer well.

The answers point out the poverty of anti-gun positions kids are carrying for them, the lack of grounding, and the dangerous, freedom-choking socialist stench that is a death knell for The American Way.

That may be a big hoorah for socialism, but it’s not what America needs. God help us if a band of activated kids cajoles adults in Congress to placate them with reckless bills from which we may never be able to extricate ourselves.

This is not “gimme-a-dollar-for-an-ice-cream, ma,” to a kid who is already packing too many pounds. This is a wild kid with no focus who’s demanding keys to dad’s ’Vette and has broken into the liquor cabinet.

The Right Questions

Reporters, wake up. These are the questions you should be asking but aren’t:

When you say “assault weapons,” what exactly do you mean? What specifically would be subject to confiscation and banned from sale, and how is this constitutionally permissible? Note: Reporters should estimate quantities involved and property values.

What firearms should the public be allowed to have?

Who in your opinion should decide what firearms the public should be allowed to have, and how is this power delegated?

You seek to limit magazine capacity. How many rounds should a magazine have?

How did you arrive at the above number? How is it acceptable for a potential murderer to have this amount?

Experts say having less ammunition is dangerous in an emergency. How do you respond? Would police accept reduced-capacity magazines, and why or why not?

A key purpose of the Second Amendment is to provide a balance of power between the public and the government. Are you aware of this, and does it matter?

Have you read any of the bills adults have proposed in response to your demands?

If it turns out the bills, which have only been proposed by democrats, do not match your demands, a.) would you still support them, and b.) would you feel like you were being used for influence, but not for your goals?

Should background checks include gun registration, and what’s the difference?

Why are children becoming psychotic and willing to mass murder their classmates when they never used to, even though guns used to be more available than they are today?

Will background checks address the problem (suddenly sociopathic children)? Do the drug companies have a role in this, which everyone is sweeping under the rug?

Would you be willing to be permanently banned from ever owning a firearm for your own safety or the safety of others, and why or why not? If you’re under age, would you be willing to have an adult sign for you?

Is there any difference between the M1Garand rifle from World War II and Korea and the AR-15 rifle you want to ban, besides the wood versus polymer stock?

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