My wife’s passion is tinkering with experimental recipes in the kitchen. Mine is tinkering with shooting stuff in my man cave. Amazingly, these worlds collided when I used our new sous vide cooker (it makes amazing steaks, by the way) to prepare a poached holster.

The new 1791 Ultra Custom IWB and OWB holsters are leather, inside and out, but sandwiched between is some magic material that softens to a moldable consistency when heated. After submerging and “cooking” the holster in a Ziploc bag (to keep it dry) at 160 degrees for about five minutes, you can mold it into near any shape you like.

The company offers a variety of sizes so just order something close to your gun and you can hand fit the rest. If you mess up or want to change guns later, just repeat the process. No harm, no foul. 1791GunLeather.com

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