Hits Like A Train

In .45 Colt this bullet works exceptionally well in three short-barreled sixguns. One is a USFA Sheriff’s Model without an ejector rod and a 21/2" barrel. This style is often called a Sheriff’s Model or Storekeepers Model. I can certainly see this design used by a storekeeper, banker or homeowner, however I can’t imagine this being the primary arm for anyone in law enforcement. The cartridge cases have to be picked out with the fingernail or pushed out from the front with a rod of some kind after firing. However, five rounds of these potent loads may be all that’s needed!

My most-used powder with this wadcutter is Alliant’s Red Dot, with my standard load being 5.5 grs. In this Sheriff’s Model this load is over 700 fps and you can hear it hit with a smack! I also use this in two short-barreled Freedom Arms 5-guns. One is the full-sized Model 83 with a 3" barrel and no ejector rod while the other is the smaller Freedom Arms Model 97 with a 31/2" barrel length and an ejector rod. I use the Matt’s Bullets 250-gr. wadcutter bullet either crimped in the crimping groove or over the slight front shoulder. With 5.5 grs. of Red Dot from a 3" barrel the former clocks out at 730 fps while the latter, seated slightly deeper, comes in at 750 fps. At seven yards both of these loads shoot well under 1". For a slightly milder shooting load I use the same bullet over 5.0 grs. of Bullseye for right at 685 fps. This load is also exceptionally accurate.