If you’re going to carry a gun in a holster, start with a gun belt — not just any belt, a gun belt. Belts made for carrying guns in holsters are thick and sturdy and often reinforced. Belts made for holding your pants up aren’t. Get a gun belt. Crossbreed makes them, D.M Bullard makes them, practically all holster makers have gun belts in their inventory. A gun belt, okay?

A big seller in our store is the Sticky Holster which works for people who don’t wear belts (be it scrubs, leggings or beltless pants). The Sticky Holster has no loops and no clips. It uses compression in your waistband or friction in your pocket to hold the gun securely. They are made from a soft, non-slip material doing an excellent job of holding the holster in place as long as there is sufficient compression. There are several sizes. The LG-6 fits most of my carry guns, although they recommend an LG-1 for the 1911s. We sell a lot of the MD-4 size which works for most of the single-stack 9s, 40s or 45s such as the S&W Shield, Springfield XDs, Glock 42/43, Bersa BP9CC, etc.